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Need a widows peak hairline

Need a widows peak hairline

We need to add tattooes and piercings!!!

Really wish there were NHL outfits, kind of disappointing given that the season just started a month ago.

Need NHL gear why only American sports, I see NFL has been added but still no Hockey!!! Would be great to see!!!

Need NHL gear why only American sports, I see NFL has been added but still no Hockey!!! Would be great to see!!!

Please add NHL clothing ASAP!!! I want to support my team in the playoffs!

The clothing is pretty spot on for me, but I wish/hope there will be NHL clothing with the 2017-2018 season opening day just around the corner.

You cant change colour of turban

I like the app but I wish that I could change the colour of accessories such as the turban.

Bitmoji not coming up on the keyboard

Pls fix


This would be a five if there was highlights added to hair color!

Best Avatar app for Snapchat

Just perfect

Love it

I love this app! So fun! But I really REALLY wish you could link another Bitmoji account to yours. Like I would love to post a Bitmoji pic with my husband and myself in it. It would be fun to post pictures of activities we do together wether it be going to the movies or camping!

More Variety!

Its a fun app but I really wish there was more of a variety. What I mean by that is to have more clothing options, more hairstyles, hair colors, etc. I think that would be really cool!

Bring back 6:02

Bring it back plz its my favorite!!

Screw this app

I made a Bitmoji when the app first came out and everything was fine until I wanted to change the hair color. It wouldnt let me so I uninstalled the app thinking it would work that way and it didnt. And now it wont even get to the screen where I can create a new one. It always says theres an issue and Ive tried everything to get it to work. I changed my passwords, used different emails, changed my phone number on Snapchat. And nothing. Making me cry upset to see all these Bitmoji same mines just blank.

No long hair?!

Ive been using this app forever because its fun but its so frustrating that the avatar has NEVER looked like me since day one because theres only short haired options. So strange

Nike and NFL

Bring back the Nike outfits and put the NFL outfits in ?

nose rings

add jewelry and nose piercings for more custom looks plz


I want those footlocker clothes back.

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